Project IN_VISIBLE (Master)

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

IN_VISIBLE - Contextual and System Design for a Community Prototype (M6/M11)

Barne Kleinen, Dr. Kamalanetra AJ C Hung, René_ Rain Hornstein


When we are denied expressing our identity and participating in education we become invisible.

IN_VISIBLE is an interactive, bottom ­up, visualization tool and open mapping prototype that monitors the changing landscape of access, inclusion, and exclusion from public spaces, services and private institutions for transgender communities.

IN_VISIBLE stands for Inclusion and Visibility.

The first mapping will focus on the monitoring of higher education spaces in Germany. The second mapping of the prototype will monitor health care access (start Spring 2020).

Goal and Scope of the Praxisprojekt IMI M WS 2019/20

Goal of the Project will be to design and build a prototype for the In_Visible Project that

  • implements a useful and viable first set of data entry, visualization and administration functionality based on a brief contextual design process conducted during the project

  • provides a robust system architecture and deployment strategy that will be the basis for expansion during the second and possible later phases of the IN_VISIBLE project


  • Kriterien für TIN-klusive Hochschulen, entwickelt von René_ Rain Hornstein & der AG trans*emanzipatorische Hochschulpolitik, Version 07, 09.10.2019 (PDF Download)