Barne Kleinen | Thesis Topics

My main areas of interest are

  • Web Technology
  • Continuous Deployment and DevOps
  • Agile Development
  • User Centered Design and Usability

And especially all intersections of these areas.

If you have an idea for a topic that fits into these areas, come and talk to me.

I’m also happy to supervise topics that are based within a company, but I don’t usually sign NDAs.

The following is a Collection of Ideas for Topics and things that I would like to see and use.

Thesis Topics in the area of DevOps

IMI and Supporting Learning


Identify relevant and important information for IMI-Students and find ways to present it to them - that might be a dashboard, but also include other forms of hardware. There is a rails-based prototype

Search for the IMI-Map

Develop a search algorithm to find internships for the IMI-Map.

Supporting Agile Development

Topic Driven Backlog: Deployment and Usability Testing

Continuation of the Topic Driven Backlog Project: Plan and implement in a course.

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