B15 Informatik 3 (Info3)

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Tentative Schedule

WeekKWTuesdayFridayLecture TopicLabGroup
11401/04/2014No Lecture (Hochschultag)
04/04/2014Intro to Info3
21504/08/2014Software Testing11. Gruppe
04/11/2014Software Testing & Software Configuration Management
31604/15/2014Software Configuration Management12. Gruppe
04/18/2014No Lecture (Karfreitag)
41704/22/2014Software Engineering and Software Development Processes21. Gruppe
04/25/2014Software Development Processes,Requirements Engineering
51829/04/2014Requirements Engineering, System Modeling and Architectural Design22. Gruppe
05/02/2014Agile Manifesto, Scrum (Scrum Ceremonies and Sprints)
61905/06/2014Software Design Patterns31. GruppeSoftware Design Patterns
05/09/2014Software Design Patterns
72005/13/2014Working with Legacy Code32. Gruppe
05/16/2014Clean Code
82105/20/2014Ruby Intro41. Gruppe
05/23/2014Pair Programming and Code Review
92205/27/2014Object Relations: Composition and Inheritance42. Gruppe
05/30/2014Dependency Management and Working with APIs
102306/03/2014Introduction to Ruby Dynamic Typing, Duck Typing51. Gruppe
06/06/2014Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture(POEAA)
112406/10/2014Introduction to Rails, POEAA Revisited, Model View Controller52. Gruppe
06/13/2014Associations in Rails,
122506/17/2014SCM, Build Management, Continuous Deployment61. Gruppe
06/20/2014Distributed Systems and SOA
132606/24/2014fällt aus62. Gruppe
06/27/2014Maven e-learning
142707/01/2014Internationalisierung und Lokalisierung von Software71. Gruppe
07/04/2014Fällt wegen Bombenentschärfung aus - SOLID e-learning
152807/08/2014Probeklausur & Klausurvorbereitung72. Gruppe
07/11/2014SOLID (e-learning!)
07/18/2014No Lecture (Prüfungszeit)