B15 Informatik 3 (Info3)

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin


Info 3 is the final module of the Informatics 1-3 series. In Info1, you learned about programming, and the basics of object-oriented design of software. Info2 introduced you to advanced programming with data structures and algorithms. Info3 rounds that out by giving you insights into how to actually design and develop software with an eye for the overall picture.


The Studienordnung states the following skills as goal for Informatics 3:

  • Die Studierenden haben gelernt, wie man ein komplexes softwarebasiertes System analysiert, modelliert und eine Lösung entwirft.
  • Die Studierende können sicher mit Entwurfsmustern umgehen und sie in einer aktuellen Programmiersprachen praktisch umsetzen.
  • Die Studierenden haben Modellierungs-Notationen wie UML sicher anzuwenden gelernt.
  • Sie haben verstanden, wie sie die Methoden des Software- Engineerings auf der Entwicklung von Mediensysteme anwenden können.
  • Sie können Algorithmen der Lokalisierung und Internationalisierung von Software umsetzen.

Thus, Software Engineering, Software System Design, the UML and Software Design Patterns are set as topics. As one example of media system applications, we will look deeper into Web Application Development. Web Application Development has two main characteristics: it is a fast-changing environment, and agile development practices are pivotal. Furthermore, if web applications are successful, they become long-running software, thus the ability to maintain an old codebasis is also important. Therefore, we will also look into best practices to support agile software development (“Best Practices”) as well as designing for ease of change (“Clean Code” and “Advanced Object Oriented Design”).

Have a look at how this breaks down on this (tentative) Schedule.