B7 Informatik 2 Summer 2024

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin


This course is an introduction to algorithms and data structures. It will be taught in English and German with all written material in English. It will be taught using the Java programming language, but it is not about the language. Mastery of basic Java syntax as taught in Informatik I is assumed. We learned primitive data types, statements and rules, interfaces and classes in Informatik I. We will now be looking at more complex data structures and algorithms which work on these data structures.

In particular we will be concentrating on how to solve (small) problems using a programming language. At the end of the semester there will be an introduction to another Programming Language - e.g. Python - so that you get a feel for the language and learn something about differences in programming languages.

Have a look at how this breaks down on this (tentative) Schedule.

Meetings/Weekly Schedule

The class consists of 2x2h of lectures and 2h of lab. Please refer to the LSF for time and location information (link above in the External Links menu).


The tutorial will be held by Nico, more information to be provided

Grades & Exam

As in Informatics 1, there will be a Lab, and there will be an Exam.

Exam60/100 Pointsschriftliche Modulabschlussprüfung (§ 10 RStPO)Moodle Quizz and Programming Assignments in Java and Python
Labs40/100 Pointsstudienbegleitende Teilmodulprüfung (§ 12 RStPO)Weekly Lab Reports

Grading of Lab Reports

The grading of the lab reports depends on how many lab reports you hand in and get an “ok” for:

Less or equal to 60% of labs with an ok: 0% for the lab part. 61%-100% of lab reports with an ok:, you will receive 1-40 Points of the maximum of 40 Points for the labs.

You may hand in a lab a second time using one of the late slots.

Examinations for Students who already took Info2

You can participate in the class with or without registering in LSF. Make sure you’re in the Moodle Course to be able to access all information.

If you already took an Info2 class (with Prof. Zhang or Prof. Weber-Wulff) and completed the lab reports/exercise part there, you may skip the lab reports:

To do so, you have to

  • send an email to the other Professor asking them to send your lab grades to me
  • send me an email asking to accept them (you can do both in one email). I will then use the former grade for the Labs grade as stated above.

You have to do that at the beginning of the term, within the first or second week.

Whether you attend the lectures or not, is your own decision, but note that the content of Info2 might differ. It’s your responsibility to inform yourself about the topics covered.