Informatics 1 WS 2015/16

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Info1 - Code Examples Overview


Lecture Code Examples

Don’t worry about noting down any code changes I make in class - I will upload everything here! Thus, the “Changes in ws2015” links will only work after I’ve uploaded those changes.

Note that it might also be quite convenient to look at the code on the github page online, the commit history shows you exactly the changes I made. Click on “commits” and then one individual commit, and you see something like this.

Further Hints

  • You can download the complete examples/repositories by using the ZIP Button present on the repository sites.
  • You can also look at single files online on github.
  • The list of changes in the commit history might look a bit confusing at first because all changes in the BlueJ meta files (ctxt) are recorded as well - just search for the .java file that you’re interested in. (e.g. by using cmd-f in the browser)
  • One possible way to work with it: download the original version as zip (always in Branch “master” - the first link above), and then check my commits or the current version online to recall the changes we made in class.
  • of course, you might want to start working with git - which you need to do in info3 latest - and just clone the repository. trygit is one of the many good starting points that are available online. But if you’re just starting off with programming, it’s totally fine to wait till the 3rd semester for learning git.
  • Please note that this organization (htw-imi-info1) contains all repositories from former semesters. I might update them slightly before class, so if you download them ahead, you might want to subscribe to the repository to be notified in case something changes.