Informatics 1 WS 2015/16

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Info1 - Labs and Exercises

Structure of the Exercises

Starting with Exercise 01, you’ll find a section Pre-Lab for each exercise. These are exercises or preperatory work that you are expected to complete - together with reading through the whole exercise - before coming to lab.


During the term, there will be 11-12 graded exercises (Nr. 00 is just a warm-up that won’t be graded). The graded exercises will be written reports on programming experimentation - your Lab Reports (that is, not the source code you produce).s

Programming is something you can’t learn out of a book – you have try out things yourself and practice! Therefore, this class will have lots of exercises. In the Labs you will have opportunity to work on them, and, most importantly, ask questions or discuss it with others if something is unclear to you or you are stuck somewhere.

Group Work

Talking to each other and working in pairs or groups is also highly encouraged in the labs. This term, I will make a raffle for new groups of three for every set of 3 exercises. This will be done in the labs, so please email me if you can’t attend the lab - I will make a separate raffle of all who didn’t attend. So you will need to meet up with others to work on the exercise even if you didn’t come to the lab. I will not accept assignments that are not prepared in those random groups.

Lab reports

There are 12 exercises to be done. For each week you must write a report. The report must be in English or German, spell-checked and using complete sentences, explaining what you did in the exercise session, that is, the process. Screenshots are welcome. Each report should not be more than 5 pages and in PDF format and must have your name on it. It must include a reflection on what you learned during the session, if anything. They must be submitted to the Moodle area by 23.00 the night before your next lab.

We will be giving “[stars]({{ site.BaseURL }}/studies/grading/guideline)” to let you know how well you are doing on each graded exercise. You will also need to be able to explain your solution to me in person in one of the following labs. No stars does not mean no points - it means you handed in a report on time, but it was nothing to write home about. Late work will not be accepted and will be treated as missing work. Always turn in what you have completed on time rather than delaying in the hope that you will be able to do more.

[Last semesters, I found it necessary to clarify some more things about the reports.]({{ site.BaseURL }}/studies/grading/guideline)