WT2 WS 2019/20

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

WT2 Usability WS 2019/20 Schedule

141Fri 11/10/2019Introduction, Guidelines Usability HeuristicsTopic Brainstorming
242Fri 18/10/2019Overview UCD Process, Introduction e-learningFinalization of Topics and Project Focus
343Fri 25/10/2019Usability Heuristics e-learningHeuristical Analysis of Example Applications
444Fri 01/11/2019A1Contextual Inquiry. Required Reading: About Face Ch.1+2 (Moodle)Contextual Interviews & Interpretation Sessions
545Fri 08/11/2019Personas. Required Reading: About Face Ch. 3 (Moodle)Contextual Interviews & Interpretation Sessions
646Fri 15/11/2019Methods for User Research in User Centered DesignAffinity
747Fri 22/11/2019Visioning and Product ConceptsAffinity, Wall Walk and Personas.
848Fri 29/11/2019A2(ausgefallen)
949Fri 06/12/2019RESCHEDULED!!RESCHEDULED to Fri 29/11/2019 and Fri 10/01/20 15:45-17:15RESCHEDULED
1050Fri 13/12/2019Making Well-Behaved Products Poster Session (About Face Part II)Poster Session
1151Fri 20/12/2019Storyboards and Paper PrototypesVisioning, Product Concepts, Storyboards
122Fri 10/01/2020A3Usability Testing 12:15-17:15!Usability Testing 12:15-17:15!!
133Fri 17/01/2020Web UsabiltityPaper Prototypes Interviews
144Fri 24/01/2020Contextual Design Roundup & Exam PreparationExam Preparation & Moodle Trial Exam
166Wed, 2019-02-05Exam

Interface Design Principles /Don Norman: The Design of Everyday Things