B1 Informatics 1 WS 2023/24

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Labs and Exercises

The labs exercises (see below) are structured in a Pre-Lab section and the core lab assignment. Do the Pre-Lab before coming to the lab!

Grading: Lab Reports

You will need to write a report together in a group each week, which should not be more than 5 pages and in PDF format, with your names on it. The report must be in English or German. In consists of two parts:

  1. The report on the lab assignment (Pre-Lab and Lab), spell-checked and using complete sentences, explaining what you did in the exercise session, that is, the process. Screenshots are welcome. The lab report should include:
  • Answers to all pre-lab questions
  • Answers to the questions from the assigments
  • A description of how you tested your code solutions
  • Complete transparency on who did what
  • The strategy you chose for working in a team & how it worked out (OR if you worked alone: a reflection on your own working strategy)
  • Details on which challenges you encountered, how you tried to solve them & their solution (OR if you did not encounter any challenges: a reflection on the exercises themselves)

Additionally, you upload a zip of your solution’s source code.

Both must be submitted individually to the Moodle area by 22:00 on the due date.

Here are some general guidelines on lab reports.


What happens in a lab?

Programming is something you can’t learn out of a book – you have to try out things yourself and practice! Therefore, this class will have lots of exercises. In the Labs you will have opportunity to work on them, and, most importantly, ask questions or discuss it with others if something is unclear to you or you are stuck somewhere.

Structure of the Exercises

Each exercise has a Pre-Lab section. Preperatory work that you are expected to complete - together with reading through the whole exercise - before coming to lab.


I could not attend the lab…

We expect you to do the exercises anyway and hand in a lab report.

I have another problem!

Talk to us! You can even do it anonymously on Moodle.