Cryptoparty für Frauen* am Fachbereich 4

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Created at 28 May 2017

Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2017 19:00 WH-C 259  

HTW Berlin, Campus Wilhelminenhof

Bring your own Laptop!

Cryptoparty for women*

Do you prefer to keep your online conversations private? Do you want to learn how to use stronger passwords? And what is the “dark net” all about? We would love to talk to you about encryption and show you how to use tools that protect your online communication from surveillance. Please bring your device and curiosity! We will do our best to help you finding answers to all your questions.

After a small introduction we split into smaller groups. You can choose to learn about email encryption, password manager, safer browsing and tor, mobile security or play around with linux (an alternative operating system). All the tools are open source software so that everybody can use and share them. This workshop will be held in English, and German if needed.

Open to all women* - trans* welcome.

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Eine Kooperation der Heart of Code und der Frauenbeauftragten des FB 4.