Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen

Website of Prof. Dr. Barne Kleinen, Professor for Media Informatics (Bachelor/Master) at HTW Berlin

Software Projects

Software Development Projects

I’ve collected a range of projects that tackle processes and functionality needed at the HTW - providing the possibility of developing against a real use case which is accessible for students, as well of gaining experience with a larger, long-running source code base.

Module Handbook

The Module-Handbook was the basis of a the collaborative editorial process between several universities to create the initial curricula for the 12 study programs for the newly founded German International University of Cairo. It is currently beeing ported into the IT of the GIU in Cairo ( GIU AS Project. the data source for information on the website as well as extended to support basis for further curricula maintenance and development. More Information: Modulehandbook (Rails)

The StudyPlan (MEVN)

is a service working on top of the Module-Handbook data (exported in json) which allows students to plan out their individual Studienplan (developed within a Bachelor’s Thesis) which has been extended to support fair elective course registration and admission in a practice project and a bachelor’s thesis: see IMI Showtime - HTW Berlin

App: StudyPlan / source: modulehandbook/studyplan: A MEVN-based Tool for HTW IMI students to plan their studies and choose optional modules.


The first version of the IMI-Map supports the Administration of Internships in our Bachelor’s Program since the Summer Term of 2013 and has been developed and extended in various bachelor’s theses and three practice projects, and also be ported to the MEVN-Stack: IMI-Map goes MEVN (Rails & MEVN)

Other Practice Projects and Theses

Little Things and selected Class Demos